Westinghouse WDV656N3WP 6.5kg Vented Clothes Dryer



Use the Westinghouse WDV656N3WB venting dryer to dry the garments. It eliminates dampness through an exhaust duct installed on the outside of the building. This front-door dryer has an anti-tangle backward tumble movement that helps clothing dry faster. The dryer has a white finish with rotating and touch-button controls. There's a start/pause button on the dryer, as well as programs including delicate, airing, cotton, Eco Cotton, time dry 30-150 minutes, and mixed.

Optional back venting and a directed front grille vent are available on the white clothes dryer. The drum of the tumble dryer is made of stainless steel. Sensor drying, a big door opening, and a wall-mount option are among the characteristics of the Westinghouse vent drier. The WDV656N3WB dryer has a 6.5 kg gross capacity.


  • Reverse Tumble Action: The tumble movement on the WDV656N3WB dryer cycles between anti-clockwise and clockwise, reducing entanglement and clumping. This guarantees that the clothing dries uniformly.

  • Drying Programs: Eco cotton, delicate, cotton, duration dry 30-150 minutes, airing, and mixed are among the programmes available on the Westinghouse laundry vented dryer. Extra, cupboard, iron, and dry properties are all included in the level of dryness.

  • Sensor Dry: When the appropriate level of dryness is attained, this function monitors any lingering dampness in the clothing and switches off. This protects your clothes from over drying and saves energy by only using the exact level of power needed for each batch size.

  • Auto Cool Down: An auto cool down feature is included in the final drying step. This keeps your garments from curling and acts as a safety feature.

  • Suitable Design: The white frontload dryer features rotary and touch button controls. The drum is composed of stainless steel. The Westinghouse venting dryer has a large door opening and a wall-mount option, among other features.

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