Teco TFF240WMNTCM 240l Top Mount Fridge



Teco has carved a space for itself in the home appliance industry by launching smart products with exceptional aesthetics such as TFF240WNTCM top mount refrigerator. With a generous capacity of 240L, this top mount fridge provides enough space for daily-use items, groceries, beverages, drinks, left-overs, frozen food and more. It features a separate easy-slide compartment that lets you adjust the temperature as per the storage requirements. The freestanding refrigerator has a multi-flow system that evenly distributes cool air at every shelf and bottle rack, keeping the stored items fresh for longer durations. The built-in LED lights emit a soft glow, allowing you to check out the stored items even in low light conditions.

Teco TFF240WNTCM top mount fridge features electronic controls that allow for quick temperature adjustments. It works on an advanced compressor that prevents frost buildup and maintains right temperatures throughout to preserve the stored items.


  • Optimum Capacity: Teco TFF240WNTCM top mount refrigerator boasts a generous capacity with multiple shelves that offers ample space for storing beverages, fruits, dairy products, groceries and much more.
  • Interior Lights: This 240L top mount fridge features LED lights that spread soft glow throughout the refrigeration compartment, making it convenient to scan the stored items.
  • Easy Maintenance: This freestanding fridge features spill-proof tempered glass shelves that prevent leaks, reducing the chances of messing up the entire refrigeration compartment, making clean-up a breeze.
  • Electronic Controls: The domestic top mount fridge has user-friendly controls from where you can adjust the temperature or set the cooling levels for the special compartment to suit the storage needs.
  • Reliable Performance: Engineered with a powerful compressor, this 240L domestic refrigerator is sure to deliver peak performance despite years of use whilst maintaining optimum temperatures for food storage. 

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