Kelvinator KBM5302ACR 496/ Bottom Mount Fridge Silver



Kelvinator has been a trusted brand in cooling appliances for decades and their fridges are designed to meet the needs of Australian households. This Kelvinator bottom-mount refrigerator is a dependable choice, designed to make your everyday life easier.

A bottom-mount configuration limits strain on your back caused by constant bending down, as it places your most frequently-used chilled items at eye level. Find what you need quickly thanks to LED interior lighting, easy-access crisper runner system, and glass shelving. The freezer section features sturdy wire baskets to help keep your food nicely organised. A great addition is a flat section at the top, which is ideal for holding boxes of frozen pizza and ice trays.

The multi-flow air delivery maintains the optimal temperature inside your fridge, while the door alarm system ensures cool air doesn’t escape when the door is accidentally left ajar. Ideal for medium to large-sized families, this fridge has everything you need for your kitchen.

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